How To: Set Up Smart PSS Viewing On Your PC

Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up Smart PSS on your PC. This is compatible with Eagle, SPRO & Dahua DVR’s/NVR’s.

SmartPSS is a Windows and Mac based software that allows remote viewing of cctv cameras, and ip security cameras from a desktop or laptop computer, along with a range of multiple functionalities. You can connect multiple DVRs, network video recorders and surveillance cameras to easily manage your camera systems. This software is included for free with every DVR, NVR, IP camera, or security camera system purchased.

To be able to access your live video feeds, stored video, and download recorded video brings a whole new element of security. To new users, this program may seem intimidating to master. We assure you that it is not. To make things simpler, we have made a video on how to get started.

Smart PSS Download Link:


This step by step video will show you how to get set up in less than 10 minutes.